Application Of Dental Bridges In Replacement Of Missing Tooth

Application Of Dental Bridges In Replacement Of Missing Tooth

Apr 01, 2021

People have lost their teeth in one way or the other. The absence of the teeth or tooth causes dental flaws. Dental bridges are cosmetic attachments. They are important in restoring damaged teeth in the mouth. Fixed partial dentures are bridges. Bridges are found in-between the teeth spaces. The structure of a typical bridge possesses various parts. Some of them are the pontic (false tooth), retainer, and abutment teeth. The abutment teeth could either be the adjacent teeth or dental implants.

Bridges are reasonable rehabilitative options for patients with the issue of worn-out teeth. There are various types of dental bridges accessible. The dentist recommends them. These types constitute the implant-supported bridges, the traditional fixed bridge, the cantilever bridge, and the Maryland dental bridge. They all have different structures. The positive and negative effects of the bridge are discussed in this text. Taking into consideration other cosmetic procedures, using bridges is relatively safe. Adequate attention should be given to the dental structure before a bridge can be attached. A patient should visit a dentist who performs the pre and post-fixing process. The dentist improves the layout of the abutment teeth. Thereafter, more space is created for the bridges. X-rays of the teeth are taken and sent to the laboratory. The teeth bridges are made according to the size and shape of the dental x-ray received. The various kinds of bridges have differing costs. One might be more expensive than the other. As for missing tooth replacements, bridges are favorable. They close up gaps left by damaged teeth. Before the production of the bridge is finalized in the laboratory, a temporary bridge can be fixed.

The Different Kinds Of Dental Bridges

Bridges are to match the shade of the real teeth. It is developed from component materials like alloys, gold, and porcelain. The most commonly utilized bridge is the traditional fixed bridge. It is made of ceramics, porcelain, or metal. In the traditional fixed bridge, the porcelain and metal are linked together in some circumstances. This type of bridge has a crown on the two sides of the pontic.

Some patients have spaces in only one area of the teeth. The use of cantilever bridges is suggested in that condition. The artificial teeth of the cantilever are secured by one crown. Implant-supported bridges are also called implant-supported fixed partial dentures. This form of denture is performed by surgery. In preparation for the surgery, implants are previously fixed to the gum bone. The implants serve as support for the bridge.

Maryland dental bridge applies to the front teeth. It is well known as a resin-bonded bridge. Wings are attached to the areas around the gap at the back of the teeth. The Maryland bridge is composed of materials such as ceramic and porcelain.

Positive Impacts Of Using Bridges.

Dentists in Loves Park recommend the use of bridges. The positive effects of bridges are plenty. In places where the tooth is missing, bridges reverse the damage of the jaw bone. Bridges are crucial in enhancing physical appearance. Chewing and speaking abilities become normal once again. This dental cosmetic averts problems concerning the teeth. Bridges improve the esthetic abilities of individuals.

Side Effects Of Using Bridges

Dental bridge problems could arise due to certain factors. When the abutment is incapable of supporting the bridge, this results in damage to the bridge. Hence, the application of abutment teeth which is not strong, is of detriment to the bridge.

When specks of dirt aggregate on the gum, it causes gum decay. Improper fixing of the crowns is of enormous risk as well. Maintaining good oral health is achieved majorly by the hygiene. The teeth should be free of debris. Dentists often advise patients to brush and floss their teeth daily. Following a proper diet is needed as well. Do not eat foods that are too sugary. Foods like candy, nuts, and popcorn should not be consumed.

In summary, flaws in your dental structure can be fixed by dentists around you. But, as a patient, you are responsible for the management of your oral health.

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