Are you grappling with ill-fitting dentures that do you more harm than good? Have you lost your teeth and wish you could get your smile back? Do you wish to transform your smile without having to wait for months? If yes, then allow us to introduce you to the Done In One™ procedure—a revolutionary offering of cosmetic and restorative dentistry that gives you a brand new smile in 48 hours!

Dental implants are among the top dental restorations for people struggling with missing teeth. However, dental implants are also known to have a lengthy treatment period—something that doesn’t sit well with many patients. Fortunately, advancements in dental technology have made it possible for patients to obtain dental restorations in a significantly shorter time.

Thanks to the Done In One procedure, patients don’t have to contend with long waiting periods or temporary dentures after surgery. We will fit you with a custom implant-supported hybrid bridge, allowing you to resume your life with a beautiful smile and a renewed confidence.

How Does Done In One Work?

During your visit, our dentist in Rockford, IL, will carefully assess you to determine your suitability for dental implants. Potential candidates must have healthy gums and sufficient bone to allow for dental implantation.

If you’re a good fit, we’ll get some imaging data of your oral cavity to allow us to plan your new smile.

After treatment planning, the next step is the implant placement surgery. Here at Burch Dental, we prioritize our patients’ safety and comfort. As such, we offer various anesthesia options, including sedation, to ensure you’re relaxed during the procedure.

After surgery, we’ll allow you a 48-hour resting period. During this period, your implants will rest, and your body will recover from the surgery as well. In the meantime, the Done In One lab will be busy fabricating your new, custom teeth.

During your final appointment, our dentist will attach your new teeth to the implants.

Benefits of the Done In One

The shorter treatment period is a huge benefit for patients who don’t want to wait for months before getting their new teeth. Conventional dental implants have a waiting period of up to several months. This wait can be particularly frustrating, especially if you’re currently conscious of your teeth situation.

Done In One, despite being faster and more efficient, doesn’t cut any corners and utilizes cutting-edge technology that ensures accuracy and precision. This way, we get it right on the first try. Your new teeth will not only look but also feel natural.

If you’re struggling with tooth loss or feel it’s time to trade your dentures for an upgrade, reach out to Burch Dental today and ask us about Done In One in Rockford, IL.

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