How A Dental Makeover Revamps Your Smile

How A Dental Makeover Revamps Your Smile

Apr 01, 2021

Getting a dental makeover is a perfect way to enhance your beauty. Although cosmetic dentistry is not a recognized dentistry field by the American Dental Association, it is one aspect of dentistry devoted to beautifying your smile. Cases of teeth discoloration and damage can do with a few sessions at your dentist. It does not just stop here. Cosmetic dentistry also enhances your oral health. In this article, we will see how cosmetic dentists work to revamp your smile.

All dental activities enhancing your dental image are dental cosmetics. Since cosmetic dentistry is not a distinctly recognized field, many dentists can work as cosmetic dentists near you. There are several cosmetic dentistry procedures. These include tooth replacements, gum surgery placement of veneers, bridges, implants, crowns, and dentures.

What Are The Services Rendered By A Cosmetic Dentist?

Do you have a dental feature that is not so likable? Contact your dentist. The first steps are usually to take a medical history and perform a full physical examination. Observation made aid proper diagnosis of dental problems. Based on the problem discovered, a treatment option is determined. Dental radiographs are taken if considered compulsory. This is conducted in dental clinics around you. Your dentist will give you a comprehensive list of therapy options, which allows you to make a well-informed decision.

Modern dental processes modify your dental aesthetics in structure, position arrangement, shape, and physical appearance. Most dental practitioners emphasize on good cleanliness culture because it promotes the productivity of cosmetic processes. A well-known enhancement process is teeth whitening that involves bleaching the teeth to whiten the shade. It is common knowledge that the whitest of teeth makes the brightest smiles. Hydrogen peroxide is the primary agent which activates the bleaching process. Although you can get teeth whitening done by yourself, it is best to do one at your dentist’s. You can rest assured the quality of work done is top-notch. Chemicals used to bleach the teeth can irritate when applied wrongly. This is not an issue when the job is done at a dental clinic near you.

Another procedure that falls under cosmetic dentistry is enameloplasty. Enameloplasty is the enamel reconstruction where limited portions of enamel are shaved to achieve a better shape and structure. The process is surgical and anesthesia given makes it a painless one. The gums can be reshaped as well.

Wafer-like, custom prepared shells called veneers are also used in cosmetic dentistry services. They cover the tooth surface and restore its appearance. The procedure initially involves extracting some amount of enamel from the surface of the tooth. After removal, the custom-made shells are glued to the surface of the tooth. All of this is done after an outline of a person’s teeth is made and sent to the lab where the veneers are made.

Dental crowns are cap-like structures that are made of ceramic, resins, porcelain, or metal. They are used when the tooth is cracked, broken, discolored, or damaged. Apart from masking previous damage, they protect the teeth from further damage and eventual disintegration.

Cosmetic dentistry also involves making and fixing dental fillings, implants, braces, bridges, and bonds. Fillings are used to fill defects in the teeth. Implants form a permanent solution to lost teeth in which titanium support is surgically placed into the jawbone before artificial teeth are mounted on it. Dental braces are used to realign poorly arranged teeth and gums. Bridges and bonds are other services you can get at your dentist.

General Maintenance Tips For Your Dental Attachment

Your dental expert will educate you on how to manage the new look. Good oral hygiene is of high importance. Brushing and flossing regularly is vital. Moreover, foods that exert much pressure on the teeth and gums should be avoided. Seeing your practitioner periodically is also advised. Do well to follow all instructions given by the dental expert. For recovery from surgeries, only soft foods should be eaten at first.

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