Is The Dental Crown Procedure Intensive And Painful?

Is The Dental Crown Procedure Intensive And Painful?

May 03, 2021

Dental crowns are fixed devices covering a damaged tooth or a dental implant covered under a tooth-colored cap. Dental crown placement in an outpatient procedure helps restore the strength and function besides the appearance of your smile. The tooth crown procedure involves taking molds of the tooth after filing it down to customize a tooth’s crown. Then, the customized crown is fixed to the tooth with dental cement permanently after being fabricated in a dental laboratory.

The dental crown placement procedure is safe and effective. However, you may experience discomfort when having your tooth or teeth restored using dental crowns. Dental crowns provide an excellent method to repair damaged teeth. Therefore if you have received a recommendation for them, discuss all your treatment options with the dentist in Rockford to understand which options are suitable for you.

What Kind of Crowns Can You Select?

Your dentist may recommend different crowns other materials ranging from porcelain, metal, and porcelain fused to metal. You can select the dental crown suitable for you after considering the tooth’s location, the extent of the damage or decay, and any other reasons and discuss your concerns with the dentist. The dental professional helps to decide correctly when choosing a dental restoration to protect your teeth.

Why Do You Need The Tooth Crown Procedure?

The need to undergo the tooth crown procedure becomes essential if you have chipped or cracked teeth beyond repair without using complicated procedures. You may have a severely discolored or misshapen tooth that appears and function better with a tooth cap.

If you have missing teeth and are considering replacements with dental implants, you receive a dental crown eventually over the implant. Sometimes, if extensive tooth decay affects you and dentists cannot restore your tooth with dental fillings, they recommend a dental crown to preserve the tooth’s functionality and appearance.

How Does The Rockford Dentist Perform The Tooth Crown Procedure?

The dental crown procedure is performed at the dental office and requires you to visit them at least twice before you can restore your tooth.

When you visit the dentist for your appointment for the crown placement, you receive local anesthesia in your gums near the affected tooth. Dentists ensure you don’t experience any pain by initially applying some topical anesthetic to your gums before injecting the local anesthesia.

Your dentist in Rockford must reshape your tooth to accommodate the crown, making sure it fits snugly over the prepared tooth. The filing down is painful and intensive with the potential to cause discomfort. However, as you receive local anesthesia, you are unlikely to experience any pain during the filing procedure.

After preparing your tooth, the dentist makes molds and the adjacent teeth for the dental laboratory to customize your dental crown to fit correctly. A temporary dental crown covers your prepared and weakened tooth until the lab returns your customized restoration.

Some dentists have the technology to fabricate dental crowns in the office to provide same-day restorations. If you prefer the same-day variety, you save plenty of time from multiple visits to the dentist’s office.

Traditional dental crowns are created in a dental lab and require at least three to four weeks before they are fabricated. You can return to the dentist’s office in a few weeks to have your permanent restoration cemented to your tooth. During the second visit, the dentist begins by removing the temporary crown and examining the customized restoration for proper fitting. They may even grind down the crown to ensure a correct bite. Eventually, the dentist completes the crown placement procedure applying dental cement to your tooth and bonding it with the dental crown.

Will You Experience Pain When Getting Dental Crowns?

The dental team ensures they take care of your comfort and relaxation when you visit the dental office for an intensive procedure like dental crowns. You do feel a few sharp pinches in your gums when you receive local anesthesia from the dentist. However, the professional ensures even this minor discomfort is eliminated using topical anesthesia to numb your gums before injecting the liquid.

You can expect to feel pressure when your dentist begins working on the tooth receiving the crown. It would help you relax by meditating or listening to music as the dentist works on your tooth to give you the dental crown. Any discomfort you experience will soon be in the background when your tooth receives the dental crown providing it functionality, aesthetics, and a replacement that lasts you for over a decade with proper dental hygiene.

Let us confirm the dental crown procedure, although intensive, is not as painful as believed because of modern techniques and anesthesia.

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