Exams & Cleanings

Getting your teeth cleaned twice a year is one of the most important and greatest investments you can make to protect your beautiful smile and overall health. At your routine dental exam, your licensed professional dental hygienist will help prevent and treat gum infection, offer and perform services to prevent infection, and assist the Dentist on creating the right treatment plan for you. Your Dentist will perform an Oral Cancer screening and help you get the smile you want. Here at Burch Dental, we work with our patients to keep them closely informed on each and every treatment they receive, and cleanings and exams are no exception.

How Important are Exams & Cleanings?

Even if you are diligent in your at- home oral care routine, bacteria can hide in unreachable areas causing gum disease and/or cavities. Calculus (tarter) is a hard plaque that builds up on teeth like cement. Calculus can build up above the gums and below the gums. Not removing the calculus and breaking up the bacteria every 3 to 6 months can cause gum infection and tooth decay.

What Happens at an Exam & Cleaning?

At a typical dental exam, an examination of your overall oral health is conducted by taking a look at your teeth, jaw, gums, bones, and alignment of teeth. X-Rays are taken to allow the dentist to see between the teeth, root tips, bone levels, and any anomalies. At the cleaning, a dental hygienist works diligently to remove calculus (tartar), plaque, and stain on the teeth. As well as disrupting bacteria between the teeth and gums to prevent and treat gum disease. A professional polish and floss finishes off the cleaning. A fluoridetreatment may be recommended to certain patients in order to strengthen the integrity of their teeth.

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Scheduling an appointment at our Loves Park and Rockford office is the next step in giving your teeth, mouth, and gums, the needed attention and love they deserve. Don’t waste too much time, start the year off right by coming to see us here at Burch Dental, where we will always make you feel comfortable and well taken care of. Give us a phone call, or fill out our online form to set up a consultation appointment today!

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