Extractions don’t have to be a nightmare. As a matter of fact, at Burch Dental in Loves Park and Rockford, we take every measure to ensure your comfort. Not only do we perform quick tooth extractions, but we also make sure to inflict the least amount of discomfort possible. Furthermore, extractions are a useful preventative measure against many different types of oral problems, such as gum disease.

When Do You Need an Extraction?

There are a variety of reasons why you might need a tooth extraction. Patients who experience chipped, broken or decaying teeth are prime candidates for an extraction. Not to mention, at Burch Dental we recommend extractions to all those patients where a root canal doesn’t quite get the job done.

For instance, if your wisdom teeth are not growing in right or cause the misalignment of your smile, an extraction might be for you. Alternatively, if you’ve considered dentures, but do not need an entirely new set of teeth, removal may be a better route.

Additionally, many patients, commonly younger patients, suffer from impacted teeth, which can misalign the teeth. For this reason, an extraction can be employed to correct any mishaps due to the emergence of misshapen teeth. Alternatively, perhaps you just have an “over-crowded” mouth. In this case, a tooth extraction can afford you more space for your teeth to grow in normally.

How is an Extraction Done?

Extractions start with a complete examination of your mouth. Also, you can expect to go over your past dental history and discuss any problems you with which you may currently be dealing with.

On the day of your extraction, your dentist will anesthetize the affected area. Then, the tooth will be moved around slightly to loosen up the surrounding ligaments. At this point, you may feel pressure, but pain should not be an issue. Finally, your dentist will pull the tooth with specialized tools intended to make the extraction quick, clean, and smooth.

At the end of the day, at Burch Dental in Loves Park and Rockford, we can give you the thorough dental examination necessary to make the call. Furthermore, our knowledgeable staff can soothe any of your worries regarding the procedure by answering any questions you may have.

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