Non-Surgical Root Canals

When a tooth becomes affected by trauma or tooth decay, it can be treated with a dental filling. However, if the injury has reached the root canal, the innermost part of the tooth beneath the layers of enamel and dentin, the pulp can become infected. If this happens, a root canal will become necessary to remove the affected pulp and save the tooth from requiring extraction. Burch Dental in Rockford and Loves Park, IL offers a non-surgical root canal procedure to restore your tooth to health.

The pulp of a tooth contains the nerves and blood vessels that are essential to the tooth’s growth and development. Once the tooth has fully grown, however, it can survive and function without the pulp. A root canal removes pulp that has become infected to save the tooth and surrounding areas from becoming further affected. It is somewhat infamously known to be a painful dental procedure, but the truth is that, because anesthesia is used, it isn’t any more painful than an appointment to have a filling placed. The pain associated with a root canal more likely comes from the infected tooth itself, so the root canal procedure will actually relieve that pain.

To perform a non-surgical root canal at Burch Dental, the tooth will first be x-rayed to give your dentist a better look at the layout of the root canals that lie below the gum line. Your endodontist will place a piece of waterproof plastic or rubber around the tooth to keep it dry throughout the procedure and prevent it from getting contaminated. A small hole will then be made in the crown (top) of the tooth to access the inner canal. The infected pulp will be removed, and the canal will be thoroughly cleaned. A filling material will be used to fill in the canal again to restore its structure, and the tooth will be sealed with a composite material (filling). If the tooth is severely damaged, a crown may be placed to keep it protected.

If you are suffering from a severe toothache, it may be due to more than just a cavity. Come into Burch Dental at either our Loves Park or Rockford, IL locations to have an examination. A nonsurgical root canal may be necessary to save your tooth.

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