Why You Need To Undergo Routine Dental Exams And Professional Cleaning

Why You Need To Undergo Routine Dental Exams And Professional Cleaning

Jan 01, 2021

Do you know that dental exams and cleaning plays a vital role in preserving your oral tissues? Periodontal exams and professional teeth cleaning form an integral part of your oral hygiene regimen. Dental exams and cleaning are essential preventive measures that need to be performed routinely. Undergoing the procedures prevent you from having oral infections and issues that may spread to other organs and lead to severe health conditions.

What Does Dental Exams and Cleaning Entail?

A dental exam is vital in identifying intra-oral issues and ensuring you find the ideal treatment for your oral condition. Your hygienist does dental cleaning to remove tartar, plaque, or stains. The procedures also ensure you are free from gingivitis and other gum diseases. It’s essential to complement your routine home-based care with dental exams and cleaning. Professional cleaning eliminates bacteria from your mouth that leads to further complications in the future. The procedures save you from undergoing extensive procedures, and dental exams are performed to check for:

  • Oral cancer
  • Tooth decay
  • Signs of loose dental bridge, crown, or fillings
  • Chipped, fractured, or broken teeth

You and your child are eligible for oral exams and cleaning. It’s helpful to take your child to the pediatric dentist once the first tooth emerges from the gum line to ensure teeth develop appropriately.

What Should You Expect?

A dental exam and cleaning are vital in diagnosing underlying dental issues. It involves a comprehensive examination of your oral tissues to check on loose fillings, signs of tooth decay, and other oral complications. Below is an overview of what the procedures entail:

Dental Exam

Once you visit the dentist office Rockford, a routine oral exam is done, and it involves the following:

  • Examining the state of your current fillings and crowns and determining whether you need a new replacement.
  • Diagnostic X-ray examination to detect tumors, cysts, decay, or bone loss. X-rays check on the condition of your tooth roots and tooth positioning.
  • Oral cancer screening to check on the condition of your oral tissues. Abnormal growth of tissues and lumps could indicate oral cancer, and immediate treatment is paramount.
  • Periodontal exams are performed to check whether your gums are infected. Signs of periodontal diseases around your bone and teeth may compel your specialist to initiate treatment.
  • Tooth decay examination checks for signs of decay through specialist tools.

Professional Dental Cleaning

It involves the following processes:

  • Tooth polishing to remove stains or plaque without need for a scaling procedure
  • Plaque removal, which leads to bacterial infections, inflammation of gums, and tooth decay
  • Removal of tartar that forms above your gum line through tooth planing and dental scaling procedures that utilize specialized equipment

Benefits of Dental Exams and Cleaning

During your check-up appointments, your oral hygienist checks for any signs of tooth decay that lead to the formation of cavities. Tooth decay can cause infection on your tooth pulp and spread to your tooth roots leading to severe dental conditions. Dental exams prevent the accumulation of tartar and plaque that causes periodontal diseases. Dental exams are vital in scaling out the following dental issues:

  • Periodontal diseases that cause tooth loss and deep spaces between your teeth and gums
  • Oral cancer at early stages to initiate treatment and avoid the spread of malignant lesions. Oral cancer can spread to other organs and pose a life-threatening health issue.
  • Underlying oral issues, including bad breath, yeast infection, or diabetes, are identified through dental exams.

Professional mouth cleaning by your dental hygienist helps eliminate plaque and tartar build-up, and it’s helpful to undergo regular brushing and flossing of teeth. Once you visit your dentist’s office in Rockford, practitioners use specialized tools to remove food debris and plaque that may harden to form tartar, requiring an extensive dental scaling procedure. Dental cleaning also involves flossing and polishing your teeth to remove stains and keep your mouth tissues healthy.

If you have plaque build-up beneath your gum line, our specialist at Burch Dental can perform dental scaling to remove the film and debris and preserve your teeth against decay. Undergoing professional cleaning prevents tooth loss, cavities, and lessens the risk of facing ailments linked to the heart, diabetes, and cancer. Please make an appointment with your dentist today, and undergo routine dental exams and cleaning to preserve your oral tissues.

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