Dental Fillings
Rockford & Loves Park, IL

Dental Fillings
Rockford & Loves Park, IL

Fillings are used to fill small holes in teeth that have been brought about either by fractures or decay. Decay is the result of bacterial infections.

A dental filling is a treatment for a tooth damaged by decay that will restore it back to its normal function and shape while preventing further decay. It is also the one of the most common procedures that takes place at Burch Dental, so there is no need to worry, especially if you are maintaining a good brushing and flossing routine.

Fillings are used to fill small holes in teeth that have been brought about either by fractures or decay. Decay is the result of bacterial infections. Bacteria are found on teeth when they are not brushed or flossed correctly, but also poor diet, lifestyle habits, medication, drug use, medical conditions and more can cause tooth decay. Fillings cover holes in your teeth to protect the sensitive pulp in the center of the tooth and to prevent further damage from occurring.

The team at Burch Dental has a simple goal. That is to ensure your trust through our commitment to quality treatment and your continued satisfaction. It is our daily agenda to maintain a caring environment that is respectful and comfortable for everyone. Our team members are united in our efforts to promote oral health by means of prevention, enhancement, wellness, and rejuvenation. Call or visit one of our convenient locations today to schedule your appointment for an evaluation regarding a potential dental filling restoration.

There are quite a few dental procedures that are used to treat tooth decay. One of the oldest and most popular forms of treatment is a dental filling. Dental fillings are quite common and can be found in over one third of the population. It is difficult to find someone who does not have at least one filling in their mouth. Over the years the types of fillings have evolved, and it is now faster and easier to have a cavity treated at Burch Dental than ever before.

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Emergency Care

We understand emergencies are never planned, so our team at Burch Dental is equipped to provide emergency dental services.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Depending on your specific needs, there are several cosmetic options for teeth that can improve and enhance the appearance of your smile.

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The dentists at Burch Dental have over 50 years of combined experience in dentistry. Stop by and let our staff take care of you!

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Implant Dentistry

Dental implants are a terrific option for you if you are looking for a long-term solution for  missing teeth replacement. If you would like to learn more about dental implants, please contact us today.

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The Different Types of Dental Fillings

The correct type of tooth filling for you will depend on the extent of your repair, any allergies to the filling materials, the location of the cavity and the cost.

  • Amalgam (silver) fillings are resistant to wear and relatively inexpensive. Amalgam has been used for dental fillings successfully for several hundred years. Due to their darker color, they may not be the best choice for highly visible areas.
  • Composite resins look more natural because they are matched to the color of your teeth. Composites are less durable and can become stained just like teeth, so they do not last as long as other types of fillings. However, they can do better in smaller fillings.
  • Porcelain fillings, called inlays or onlays, they are fabricated in a dental lab and then bonded to your tooth. They are matched to your tooth color and resist staining. A porcelain restoration will usually cover most of the tooth. The cost is like that of gold.
  • Gold fillings are made to order and then cemented into place. Gold inlays are well tolerated by the gum tissues and can last more than 20 years. It is often the most expensive choice and requires multiple visits.

The Dental Filling Procedure

When you get a dental filling, you most likely will first be given a local anesthesia to numb the immediate area. Next, Burch Dental will use a high-speed drill to cut through the enamel and remove the decay. Once the drill reaches the dentin, or the second layer of the tooth, we typically use a lower-speed drill, because the dentin is softer than the enamel. Our team will shape the space to prepare it for the filling. We might also put in a base or a liner to protect the tooth's pulp, which is where the nerves are.

If we are placing a bonded filling, usually done with composite fillings, we will first etch the tooth with an acid gel. Etching makes tiny holes in the tooth's enamel that the composite material fills as we place the filling. A bonding material is also used so that the filling bonds to the tooth in two ways. Bonded fillings will reduce the risk of leakage or decay under the filling.

Certain types of composite fillings get hardened with a special light. With these fillings, we will layer the material, stopping several times to shine a bright light on the resin to cure or harden the material and make it strong.

Finally, Burch Dental will use burs to finish and polish the filled tooth. Occasionally, sharp edges might remain after your appointment. These can easily be fixed during a follow-up visit.

Filling Aftercare

Once your filling is completed, you may continue to have a numbing sensation in the area for a few hours.  Once the numbness has worn off, you are normally able to resume your daily activities. You will treat your filling like you do the rest of your teeth by continuing to brush and floss properly which will ensure your filling lasts a long time.

During regular check-ups with our team, we will check the integrity of the filling and ensure that further decay has not occurred. You might experience some sensitivity for a few weeks following your filling as well. This is common and will subside after some time.

If you have pain in the area, please speak with Burch Dental right away. If your filling ever cracks or falls out, make an appointment right away to have it repaired or replaced to prevent further damage from occurring in the tooth or surrounding teeth.

The Burch Team Philosophy Begins with YOU

At Burch Dental, our team philosophy is elegantly simple. We ensure Patient Loyalty though Patient Satisfaction. We believe we accomplish this by personalizing therapy plans to suit your individual needs. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, state of the art procedures, and traditional practice, our team can meet and exceed the expectations of our patients and the referring doctors. Our exceptional clinical abilities stem from a perfectly balanced blend of experience, research, science, and art. We can deliver your aesthetic satisfaction through minimally invasive and cost-effective therapies. At Burch Dental, our philosophy, and our promise, is to provide you with high quality, attentive, and individualized care designed for your specific needs. Use the convenient online form or give us a quick call to schedule your appointment at the location closet to you.