Dr. Benjamin Kloess
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Dr. Benjamin Kloess
Burch Dental

Meet Benjamin Kloess

Dr. Benjamin Kloess is a licensed general dentist with a passion for delivering comprehensive dental care in a compassionate and patient-focused manner. With over four years of experience in the field of dentistry, Dr. Kloess has established himself as a dedicated practitioner, committed to enhancing the oral health and smiles of his patients.

Educational and Professional Journey

Dr. Kloess's journey into dentistry was influenced by his early exposure to the field through his father's dental practice. His fascination with dentistry grew during his high school years, where he actively contributed to the transition of paper records and X-rays to a digital system. This experience ignited his interest, leading him to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at the University of Missouri.

Taking a significant step forward, Dr. Kloess earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the SIU School of Dental Medicine in Alton, IL. Equipped with a solid educational foundation, he embarked on his professional career, determined to provide exceptional dental care to his patients.

Patient-Centered Approach

Dr. Kloess's approach to patient care is characterized by his unwavering commitment to treating each individual with respect, empathy, and understanding. He believes in forging a strong doctor-patient partnership, ensuring that patients actively participate in their treatment decisions. By engaging patients in discussions about their long-term goals and expectations, Dr. Kloess tailors treatment plans that align with their unique needs and preferences.

One of his recent notable cases exemplifies this patient-centered philosophy. A patient seeking a second opinion after being advised to undergo extensive tooth extractions and dentures found solace in Dr. Kloess's care. Through collaborative efforts, they devised a comprehensive plan that preserved the majority of the patient's teeth, relieved discomfort, and restored confidence through crown and bridge work.

Innovative and Dedicated Practitioner

Dr. Kloess's dedication to staying at the forefront of dentistry's advancements is evident in his commitment to continuing education. He actively participates in dental online communities and attends specialized courses to ensure he remains well-informed about the latest techniques and technologies. This dedication allows him to offer cutting-edge treatments and a high standard of care to his patients.

His professional journey includes serving as a General Dentist at Right Dental Care in Crystal City, MO, where he has earned a reputation for excellence. Under his care, the office witnessed an influx of new patients, a testament to his patient-centered approach and reputation for providing exceptional dental experiences.

Community Involvement and Contributions

Dr. Kloess is not only dedicated to his practice but also to giving back to the community. He has volunteered at events such as Veteran Dental Care days and participated in Give Kids A Smile, showcasing his commitment to improving oral health in underserved populations.

Distinctive Practice Environment

What truly sets Dr. Kloess's practice apart is the welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere he and his team foster. Patients who have experienced dental anxiety in the past find comfort in the calm and relaxed environment of his practice. Dr. Kloess's emphasis on creating a comfortable space ensures that patients can receive the care they need without fear or apprehension.


Dr. Benjamin Kloess's journey through dentistry reflects his unwavering dedication to patient well-being and oral health. With a focus on patient education, innovative approaches, and a commitment to community service, he continues to make a positive impact in the field of dentistry. Whether restoring smiles or alleviating pain, Dr. Kloess's compassionate and patient-centered approach shines through in every aspect of his practice.