Dental Employment
Burch Dental

Hygiene-Clinical Care Coordinator

Burch Dental Partners is a unique company located in Rockford, IL. Rockford is located approximately 1 hour driving distance to Chicago, O’Hare airport, Milwaukee and Madison, WI. Our dentists treat patients in every discipline of general dentistry made even more enjoyable by our modern and cutting-edge practice technology. You will lead a team of assistants and hygienists who will support you in cohesiveness and continuity of care for our patients. We will provide you with ongoing mentorship through our professional growth and development program to ensure you become the best version of yourself.

Burch Dental is seeking a full-time hygienist to work at our Forest Hills office where the primary responsibilities are numbing, educating, optimizing the schedule, seeing at least 2 patients for prophys/periodontal therapy a day, and assisting the doctor in any type of procedure.

Our compensation and leadership package proposal outlined below describes monetary and commitment expectations for salary, and other benefits we offer. 

  • $32.00 - $38.00 per hour
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • 401(k) matching
  • Employee discount
  • Health savings account
  • Self Funded Insurance Plan

Unique to Burch Dental:

  • Modern technology (Scanners - iTero, Medit)
  • Fully renovated facilities
  • Robust team training that ensures team development

This position might be for you if: 

  1. You believe in getting better every day, and you are comfortable with sharing specific professional goals.
  2. There is no TRY, ONLY DO! We DO our best daily and encourage each other to DO the same.
  3. See it, Say it! Don’t wait before it becomes a bad habit.
  4. It's bad to suppress your laughter. We take our job seriously but also believe laughter helps get through the day.
  5. You are competitive, both with yourself and others, as it contributes to your growth and ability to deliver your ‘gift’ of dentistry.
  6. You are self-driven and will take initiative to improve processes to make Burch Dental better.
  7. You are confident in your capabilities but you aren’t afraid to admit when you don’t know the right answer.
  8. You love people and seek to develop lasting relationships with your patients and your team.

If you are interested in joining a team committed to the CHEW in life, we want to know you.  Email your resume to (