Dental Bridges

If you have one or more missing teeth and have a lack of self-confidence when looking in the mirror, you may want to consider getting a known cosmetic dentistry procedure done. It is called a dental bridge. Dental bridges are made of multiple crowns, which are enamel fake teeth, and “bridge the gap” of your missing teeth. They are connected and can be implanted to make your teeth look fresh and new. If you think you may need a dental bridge, visit Burch Dental in Loves Park or Rockford for more information.

More About Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are fake teeth, otherwise known as pontics, that fill gaps of holes in your mouth. Dental bridges are held in place by your surrounding teeth and do not need surgical implantation. They are similar to dentures but are fixed in place. Dental bridges can be made of multiple different materials depending on preference. Most typically, they are created from porcelain. This is so dentists can match your tooth color to the pontic so they won’t look out of place. Alternatively, though, you can also have your dental bridge made of gold or multiple other kinds of metal.

Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

If you are missing some teeth and are considering the need for dental bridges, schedule a consult with your local dentist for more information. Typically, those who benefit from dental bridges have trouble operating or feeling good about themselves in their daily life due to their missing teeth. Getting a dental bridge can improve your speech and pronunciation of words, enhance your smile, restore the shape of your face, and even make eating your favorite foods possible again. Dental bridges are great for older individuals who don’t want to deal with dentures, or for individuals who have dental problems and have had tooth loss.

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If you think you may want to get a dental bridge, contact your dentist at Burch Dental in Loves Park or Rockford for further information. When at your appointment, be sure to go over the reasons you feel you would benefit from having a dental bridge. A dental bridge can be the key to your confidence boost, so be sure to contact your local dentist today!

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