Fix Gaps Between Teeth with Dental Bonding

That unfortunate gap between your two front teeth has a medical term and that is diastema. The American Dental Association reports that around 25% of American adults have this visible gap between their two front teeth. This gap does not affect the logistical function of speaking, biting, chewing, and eating. It does affect your perception on what an ideal smile should be. Most adults do not like this gap and find it somewhat unattractive. The gap can easily be corrected with orthodontic braces by closing the gap, or you can choose the option of having porcelain veneers placed on the front of the two teeth to close the gap or you can also try a dental bonding procedure. Dental bonding is the quickest and most economical of the options and the benefits of bonding far outdistance the costs. Here is a brief description of the procedure and the benefits.

The Dental Bonding Procedure

Your procedure can be completed in about an hour, with your dentist beginning by roughing up the enamel of the front surface of the two teeth. Next a conditioning liquid or gel is applied to the teeth. Then you and your dentist will review a shading chart to choose the correct color of white that will best match your natural teeth. Next a putty-like composite resin is applied to the two teeth. Your dentist can sculpt, shape, and smooth out this resin filling the unwanted gap. Once this has been completed to everyone’s satisfaction the material will be set and hardened with an ultraviolet light and then finally polished to finish the procedure. That quickly the gap has been closed.

The Benefits of Having Dental Bonding

Not only can the dental bonding procedure close this gap, but it can also cover up any cracks or chips. It can also cover up stained teeth which results in a whiter smile. This economical solution can come with some limitations. It will not be as hard and durable as your natural teeth, so if you bite on ice, or pencils, even your fingernails, you can chip the bonding. Coffee, tea, red wine, or smoking can stain the bonding material. You will need to be aware of these affects with your habits in addressing the life expectancy of your dental bonding solution.

The Value of Your Smile

Your smile is an extremely undervalued asset. It can be foundational in developing your personality and in establishing your level of self-confidence and self-esteem. Closing the gap between your two front teeth can have a major impact on your quality of life. There is now data from research studies that proves if you are happy with the perception of your smile it has a direct impact on various of elements of your life. For no more $300 to $600 a tooth you can secure a life changing experience. You may also reevaluate some oral hygiene habits to protect your dental bonding. Continue to schedule dental examinations every six months so your dentist can monitor how your dental bonding improvements are complimenting your new life. Share that new smile and enjoy that big grin.

What is Dental Bonding?