What is Dental Bonding?

Most dental procedures can be identified by two categories. The first category is a procedure that has health implications, addressing infections, cavities, the fundamentals of biting, chewing, eating, and speaking. The second category would be that of perception. This is how your teeth and gums impact the aesthetics of your smile. This has more significance than you might consider because your smile is an invaluable asset. Your smile is crucial regarding your personality, impacting your self-esteem and your self-confidence. Dental bonding rockford illinois is a simple restoration process that can address the front of your teeth improving your smile. Following is brief description of the process and then some benefits and the few risks.

The Dental Bonding Procedure

Dental bonding can be easily used to correct the following dental issues; a chipped or cracked tooth, a discolored tooth, a decayed tooth, or to close an unpleasant gap between your two front teeth or to even make a tooth longer. It is also an excellent solution for an exposed root. If the gumline has receded exposing a tooth root it can be extremely sensitive. Dental bonding can protect this root that has less protective enamel than the crown of the tooth.

There is extraordinarily little preparation necessary for dental bonding and your dentist most likely will not need to use a local anesthesia. Your dentist begins by roughing up the surface of the tooth or teeth to be repaired. Once that has been completed a conditioning gel or liquid is applied. Then you will consult a shade guide to make sure the composite resin used will match your natural teeth. Your dentist then applies the putty-like resin to the tooth or teeth and shapes, sculpts, and smooths the putty to their satisfaction. Once the resin has been molded an ultraviolet light or laser will be used to harden the material. After it has been set the final bonding will be polished and you have a fresh smile inside of an hour.

The Benefits of Dental Bonding

In a simple cost versus value analysis, it is hard to find a better value than dental bonding. That is because it is difficult to assign a value to your smile. The cracked or chipped tooth has been restored. The nasty stained teeth are back to normal. That gap between your two front teeth is gone. These cosmetic corrections have improved the perception of your smile which can improve your quality of life. Whether it be amongst friends or professional circles, an improved smile brings many intangible improvements. If you do not care for your smile, schedule an evaluation and a consultation with your dentist about possible measures to improve it, such as dental bonding.

Very Few Risks involved with Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is not as hard as your natural teeth. As hard as the material might seem it can still stain from your coffee, tea, various colas, and red wine. You should also not smoke for at least 48 hours. You should refrain from chewing on ice, pencils and even chewing on your fingernails. The expected life of your dental bonding restoration will depend on your oral habits.

Cost of Dental Bonding