How Much do Dental Crowns Cost?

Given the advancements in dental technology, there are many things that can be done to repair or otherwise restore a damaged or diseased tooth. From bonding to veneers, today’s dentists have a number of restorative tools at their disposal to solve any number of dental woes. There are some cases, however, in which either a tooth cannot be saved or effectively restored; in these cases, rockford dental crowns can provide an attractive and lasting solution.

Dental Crowns: Timelines

Preparing and placing a dental crown can take anywhere from a single day to a several months, depending on the type of crown. Dental crowns that serve as a protective cap over the top of a damaged tooth that cannot be repaired via bonding or covered with a veneer are typically made in two to three weeks. In some cases, dental offices with an on-site lab can also create these custom caps in as little as an hour. In these instances, a scan of the tooth is undertaken, a 3D model is printed, and the crown is fabricated in the laboratory right there, ready in as few as thirty minutes.

Dental crowns that are part of a more complex prosthetic such as a bridge or dental implant can take more time. In these cases, each of the parts must not only fit together but also fit the space where the missing tooth once was; ensuring the perfect fit of all these different elements takes a little more time than a simple cap.

Dental Crowns: Procedures and Placement

For the placement of a crown that covers a damaged tooth, two separate appointments are generally required, unless your dentist has an on-site lab capable of producing these appliances on the spot. Generally, they will first take X-rays of your mouth, examine the surrounding area, and then being to prepare the tooth to receive the tooth at the next appointment. A detailed impression of your mouth will then be taken and sent off to the lab where your crown will be created over the course of the next two to three weeks. While you wait, a temporary crown will be placed to protect the area. When it is ready, your dentist will place it and cement it into place.

When placing implant crowns, your dentist will likely first attach a connecting piece called an abutment to the pre-existing implant fixture in one appointment and attach the implant crown to that piece at the next visit. A temporary crown may or may not be placed at this time.

Total Cost of Dental Crowns

As with most services, the pricing of a dental crown can vary substantially, depending on several factors. Geographic area, experience and skill-level of the dentist, insurance coverage and other factors all come into play here, but on average, dental crowns usually cost between $1000 and $3500. While this is indeed a substantial investment, it is important to note that dental crowns also last anywhere from ten to fifteen years, making the cost over time more reasonable.

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Dental Crown Procedure