How much do implant supported dentures cost?

How much do implant supported dentures cost?

Multiple factors affect the overall cost of implant-supported dentures. The dentures themselves are the artificial teeth, which could be individual dental crowns, dental bridges that contain a few teeth in a row, or even full rows of artificial teeth. The average cost of a custom-crafted porcelain denture, the optimal aesthetic choice and also the most expensive, varies depending on the number of teeth it will replace, with an average range between $1,500 to $4,000. Lower-end dentures can cost as little as $300, but these dentures are nowhere near as attractive or stable. Implant-supported dentures help support the health of the jawbone and help wearers enjoy a balanced diet and confident smiles for the long-term, so think of the overall cost as a worthy investment in your quality of life.

The denture is only one part of the cost of implant-supported dentures; the other part is the dental implants. Dental implants are tiny posts that are surgically embedded into the jawbone where a natural tooth root once was, and, as the bone heals, it fuses with the implant post and forms a permanent bond. The cost of dental implants varies widely, depending on the number of implants needed, the oral health of the patient, the location and reputation of the implant dentist, and the materials used for the implants. This is independent of the cost of implants and any sedation, treatments, or preparatory procedures, like bone grafts, that may be necessary to ensure the oral cavity is optimally healthy and ready to support dental implants for a lifetime.

The cost of implants is affected largely by the number of implants needed. Traditionally, six or eight implants have been needed to support a full row of teeth, though more recently it’s become common for dentists to use an All-on-4 technique, with strategic implant placement that allows as few as four implants to support a full row of teeth. Of course, in all cases, when fewer teeth need to be replaced, fewer implants are needed. Titanium dental implant posts range in price from $1,600 to $2,200 per implant, and mini dental implants, which are less stable but also less expensive, range from $500 to $1,500 each but are not recommended for larger or complex restorations.

In addition to the number of implants required for the task at hand, the cost of implant-supported dentures is influenced by the oral health of the patient. If tooth decay or gum disease are present, these conditions must be treated before implants can be safely placed. If there is insufficient bone mass to support implants, even with the most strategic placement, bone grafts and other tissue regeneration therapies may be necessary. Treatment for tooth decay and gum disease is included in any reputable dental insurance plan, and bone grafts can cost anywhere from $500 to $3,000. In most cases, dental insurance companies don’t cover dental implant treatment, but they may cover the denture, at least in part, so investigate your dental insurance options before you begin treatment. If coverage is not available, you may be eligible for low-interest third-party financing with a company like CareCredit, so ask your dentist about financing companies they partner with or recommend.

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